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How do I separate this resin tail?

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So I haven't worked with resin a ton. Haven't seen this style mold before and don't want to mess up the leading edge of the tail separating it. Do i cut off the t-shaped rail and then sand the remaining part of the rail(the piece on the bottom in the pic below) down to form the leading edge of the tail? I'm just guessing here(said in Kelsey Grammar's voice from Down Periscope).




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Guest Maxim

What I normally do is run a fin tip marker around where the resin pour stub joins the part. Cut the pour stub off as close as you can to the part with a saw as Brian suggested. Then slowly sand back the remaining pour stub. Use the black line you drew to know when you have removed all the pour stub. Be careful as you'll have to ensure you keep the leading edges contoured as you sand.

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If demarcation line of stub and part is not distinctive, use fine marker as suggested. With a thin edge part like shown, don't risk damage to LE using saw. Resin is brittle enough to just scribe along the marked line with pin, and snap stub off along scribed line. Then clean up edge with sandpaper.

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Please excuse the extra detailed questions here, I want to make sure I don't goof this one up 😃 so I figure to ask twice and cut once lol I drew the line on the backside, opposite of where i think I'll end up sanding. Does this look right? If so then I make the cut just outside of that line to be safe and then sand off the remainder?


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