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The Madhatter

1:35 WHIF M983 + M901 Launch Station

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Hi guys


I saw this kit in the pile the other day and decided to go back to work on it. I had started this about a year ago and never got very far with it until now as I was stuck on which scheme to choose. Never one to conform to what the instructions tell me and the fact that I wanted this to look evil, I decided to turn this into a Special Forces HEMTT- which basically means it'll be black and not yellow. I may even add some dark and light green to give it some camo although I'm still debating that one.

To go with it, I also have a Meng 1:35 M911-C (https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-YsTp-NYz6i0/Wr2ZfrhfaOI/AAAAAAACSOs/Ht7PvyUEXdgVDt6joyAFbDfPwoce207AACLcBGAs/s1600/Meng%2BM911%2BC-HET%2B%25282%2529.JPG) on it's way to me (for a lot less than the cost dealers @ Expo had it for: ie, $157AU shipped). This will also be black (hell yeah!) and to go on the back of it as it is a transporter, will be a Meng Israeli Merkava MK 3D Late (the best looking tank ever IMO).

I did have a small plan to make all of them post-apocalyptic as an excuse to have them in black, however, this would mean a lot of surgery so I changed my mind into making them Special Forces equipment (I doubt very much they have this stuff in real life but as this is WHIF, who cares?) The tank is going to be one re-propositioned by the US SF's, so I was thinking it could be camo'd in a dark jungle/forest style scheme - just to break up the monotony of black. Both of these kits I'll do a thread for much later on, so in the mean time, I'll kick off with the M983

It's super hard to take pictures that will show off the colour variations on the chassis but to the naked eye, they do exist. There is a mix of rubber, NATO, metal and tire black, burnt and dark iron.
The weathering will be kept to a minimum and enough to be used but not abused. I am not really into the heavily weathered armour subjects I see a lot of. Yeah they look cool but its just not to my taste.
Anyway, enough talking and time for some pics:









Here's where I am up to with the cab:







more in a sec

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Got a fair amount of work done over the past couple of weeks. The tractor is almost done - I still have a few things to add on and tidy up, plus I have a bit more weathering to do to it.
The launcher trailer has been started and I did look to have the legs articulated but I just couldn't be bothered in the end  :rolleyes:
Anyway, I had the camera out today doing other things but I took a few shots of the build as it is




















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IMPRESSIVE detailed work which is SUPERB..


EXCELLENT build (and photos are great too ) so far.





(If you used a different colored back ground for your photos, the detail would show up even better I think. Just think out loud )

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thanks guys


I had the set up out for something else but I just took an opportunity to snap off some pics whilst it was all there


I changed the thread title because I think I "Special Forces" might be stretching it a bit 

It was more just an excuse to paint it black :punk:

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