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AIMS 1/32 Bf 110 G-2 (late) / G-4 clear resin rear canopy

Pastor John

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Hi everyone, lots of discomfort with knee still as I am off the crutches but needs must and thanks everyone for your kind support. Not officially back to work yet as cannot drive to get order to post office or stand long casting etc but I have some news....


Before my op I took delivery of some samples of my vacuform bf 110 G rear canopy design in a slightly thicker vac material - 1mm- 0.7mm from bottom of sill to ceiling; the idea being to investigate the possibility of a tall (45mm) thin part being able to be cast in clear resin. Feeling a bit better a few days ago I cut one whole section out of the vac box as well as cannibalizing another vac for the crew hatch only. These were mounted and a mould made and then cast with normal resin with good results. Feedback from the guys that do my clear resin parts is that it should work but will be very fragile due to being so thin. Any thicker is just not an option for good scale modelling and so no attempt has been made to add interior framing detail to the master so that there is nothing to hinder de-moulding such fragile clear parts.


I will be sending the parts off in the post asap and will let you know results. These- if successful will be available for sale to those who have purchased my conversions already and will be included in future sales as follows - each kit will have 1x vac, 1x full clear resin part, 1x clear resin hatch so there is as much choice as possible. Obviously I do not have a price yet.


Anyway I will let you know as and when,


Best wishes




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I'll be in for two sets to go with my two conversions purchased ... fingers crossed it works out!

As with all things to do with convalesce/recovery the slow way is the best way!


Rog :)

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In short Reimund sadly no - for a number of reasons - the clear parts in question are too large and complex - the clear resin would have to be so thick to cope and that would look awful and besides trying to have such thick clear plastic heated into the vac mould would not work to start with - I have been through all this many times with many people. The only possibility that has any mileage is the front section only of my Ju 88 C-G fighter canopy and as so an order was placed 2 weeks ago for thicker samples of this canopy to be sent me so I can cut it out and send it to my friends at SBS. And then finally there is the business question - since Revell stopped producing the Ju 88 A-4 my sales that require this host kit have slumped and so there is little enthusiasm for me to invest time and money in my favourite aircraft in this scale and I am only weeks away from having my Ju 88 P-1 conversion available simple because it was started before the kit vanished from the market. Hope you understand. Besides I am a big fan of vacform clear parts as they achieve wonderful scale effect modelling in my opinion.

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