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Navy / Marines AD-5 Skyraiders shipping now...

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Decals  have arrived from Cartograf and we're packing up your kits for mailing now...


I figured the Navy / Marines ships deserve their own thread since there's so many that can be done. As mentioned a while back there will be  more decals available shortly for the glossy sea blue and utility ships but here's whats in the kit:







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Paul, that looks wonderful, and much as I want another AD-5 , I'm saving my pennies fro the Guppy, I have a picture in my mind of a AEW Skyraider on my Nautilus wood deck section, folded wings, and crew swarming all over it ,, 


Looks like that's Christmas taken care of!


And thanks for producing such a splendid conversion 



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Good Morning LSP!


Yes indeed, I shipped out another 25 yesterday, by Monday all the pre-orders will have been shipped. As always I thank you for your patience.

As soon as the Caracal decal comes out I will have some to sell on my website too, shouldn't be too long. I want to do one in that glossy sea blue with the reserve band....


Finishing up the AD-5W Guppy now, and some other goodies.



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Guest Peterpools


Any chance of pre ordering the decals, as I don't want to miss out the decals. I'm pumped up for the Dark Gloss Navy Scheme


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