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WnW SE.5a Nightfighter D3459 61 HD Sqd 1918

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Thought I should throw my hat in to the ring on this group build, rather than diving straight in with a Luftwaffe machine andafter looking at my stash I decided on this one which is the Wingnut SE.5a with Pheon's nightfighter decal set.






Also need to move my G-4 conversion along as well now as I have had no chance to do any real modelling for the last month so cant wait to get cracking again.


Regards. Andy

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 Made a start on the SE.5 today, with this being a very early release from them there a a few area's that are a little basic in detail such as the internal fuselage halves.




Lots of sink marks that I want to fill, so the easiest option was to remove the moulded detail, fill any sink marks and make some replacement frame work from plastic stock.






and a quick test fit.




Think this should look a lot better and less 2D than the basic kit parts. 


Regards. Andy 

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Some progress on the cockpit/ fuselage, first up the interior was painted with wood tones and the fabric area painted white and Tamiya Smoke misted over with the frame work in place.




Followed by Aviattic CDL on clear decal paper.




I have also painted and rigged the cockpit frme work with Easy-line and 2mm micro tube from Bobs Buckles.




and then fiited to the fuselage interior side walls




A definate improvement over the original kit part, here you see the spare unmodified fuselage half next to the re worked kit part.




Need to complete the rest of the interior detail painting and then I can get the fuselage all closed up.


Regards. Andy

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On 6/27/2018 at 8:40 AM, mozart said:

A lot of fiddly work there Andy, though after your rivetting on the Hurricane it's probably 5 minutes work! :)


Still one of my favourite LSP projects that one turned out to be Max!




Still have the rag wing to do at some point also.


Regards. Andy 

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