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Lady in the Night..Hobby Boss P-61B Black Widow

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Hey, I built an old Widow a long time ago too  :whistle:




Boxart nailed me :popcorn:


Yup, I built this one too when it first came out.


I tried the Monogram release later, and unlike their famous 1/48 B-17G and B-29's I found it tedious.


Since the old Aurora kit builds up so simply, I bought another old Aurora kit for around $50.00, along with some AM decals, etc., started to build it as a "wheels-up", since their wheel wells were non-existent.


Then I found it is now worth around $200.00, so now it sits with my "unbuilt golden oldies" section in my hobby room along with others. <_<


Now I am curious how well the Hobby Boss kit does. :popcorn:

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Unfortunately this build is stalled, I am having trouble finding the rear cockpit section and the upper turret, both are out of stock at their respective makers, so now it's a waiting game to see if it ever shows up

If I can't find the relish turret, I may be able to source one from Lone Star Models, or possible even build one with the blanking plate. I could also possibly use an Eduard set for the rear radar starption, but still holding out hope for the resin parts.

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15 hours ago, Breaker said:

They came back in stock with Relish today, just got the email for the stock alert. 

Yes, as my luck would have it, I ordered one from Lone Star Models this morning, then only a few hours later, I got the email. Oh well, I ordered them both, now I have a spare. Good news is, I now have everything I need to build it including brass cannon and machine gun barrels. Hopefully I will have everything in a couple weeks!

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