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MH-47G 160th SOAR Nightstalkers . FINISHED

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This is my entry: 1/35 Werner's wings MH-47G conversion for the Trumpeter CH-47D. I plan to do a heavily used bird in Afghanistan. A first for me will to build the model fully crewed, ready to take off. This is probably my most ambitious project yet and I hope I will do it justice. I will first finish my B-25 for the Iron Rain GB, so I will not make a real start on this one for the next two weeks or so.





And one motivational shot






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Nice choice of subject. You don't see to many of these on the net. I have similar conversion sets to build MH-47E/G with all goodies to build and couple off CC MH-60M conversions but lack building time at the moment :( So, I'll be follow along your build and see how you tackle it. Good luck. :)

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Thank you all for the interest. With the B-25 almost done, I could not help myself and made a start. Nothing too impressive so far but as you will see lots of hacking and sanding and rescribing. I will have to move slowly as the instructions that come with the conversion are pretty spartan. Fortunately there is a full build of the E/F conversion on Werner's wings website and this is a tremendous help. Printed it in color and it is indispensable


Started by cutting out the front pylon which will be replaced by a beautifully casted resin pylon once the two halves are glued:




Did the same thing on the other side and then it was time to open the large windows which are characteristic of the G and remove some of the antenna holders, as the G has a shorter antenna than the regular chinook. From here:




To there:




Lots of blemishes still to take care of but you get the idea. So far I am super excited by this project, it will be huge when completed.


One motivational shot to conclude






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