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HE-219 Revell 1/32

Shawn M

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Guest Peterpools


Terrific choice and looking forward to following your build.

Keep 'em comin

:popcorn: :popcorn:


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I dont plan on adding a lot of extra detail to it, that said there are some things that need correcting as molded.


I assembled the cockpit tub OOB, then added some punched discs for the in flight trim controls






if I were leaving the cockpit open to view, I'd do some filling on the floor sections. Despite lots of test fitting I couldn't get the gaps to seal all the way up.


Then onto the seats, which aren't great but also not terrible. I will be using 21st Century Stuka Pilots here so the molded on belts wont be seen. I did remove the headrest actuator rods and will replace them with wire later on.







The radar and radio section has the units for both the Fug 220 and 212 scopes. The instructions (although VERY vague) do show removal of the 212 unit (top left).

Save yourself some headaches, and remove this before gluing the front and back together.




The nose trim and IP cover needs some love as its very visible and has some made up detail.

The molded ovals need to be opened up and a third added at the front, the is how the windscreen is fitted and adjusted.

There is a "shape" ahead of the gunsite mount that doesn't exist in any pics i've found. I shaved it off with a chisel and am filling it in. Once that is done I will add the 3rd slot and rebuild some detail here.





I must say, while the kit has some well known and discussed "shape issues" the overall level of detail is decent and the fit has been pretty damn good so far.

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Great start Shawn.


Do you want the crew from the ZM Uhu? I won't use them when I build it so let me know.




Well yeah for sure Carl!

I will hit you up in IM.



Edited by Shawn M
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Guest Peterpools


Very nice start on the Owl and looking foward to each update of your progress. I have the ZM kit about half finished and it literally wore me out as it's just the opposite of the Revell kit: over engineered with a ton of details, half of which will never be seen. I'm sure your build will inspire me get back to finishing my kit later this summer.

Any thoughts at this early stage on the paint scheme and how you will be tackling it?

Keep ‘em comin


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Thanks Peter!


The paint scheme...to be honest that is the whole reason I wanted to build this kit. What a great challenge!


It will all be done freehand airbrushed with vallejo acrylics.

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so after filling and sanding the nose panel, adding the 3rd slot and some bolt heads, I glued on the revell gunsight


something doesn't like right here....




yeah like the gunsight is more 1/48 then 1/32.


So I tried to remove it from the base....and promptly broke it to hell...sigh


After a little fiddling and finding a resin 16b gunsight, we have this!




MUCH better!


Then to re add the wiring/cable/hose to the cover





ahhh thats better

Edited by Shawn M
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