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Bf109 G6 JG300 Yellow 1 Manfred Dieterle

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Hi all!


Upon the announcement of this new GB I started looking at the kits I have that could fit the theme. A few years ago I had researched ideas for painting the Hasegawa Bf109 G6 kit I have. Among the ones that I found at this time is this really interesting scheme for a JG300 aircraft with wavy camouflage lines. I managed to find a few photos of this machine and a lot of artwork on various sites. I think it will result in a very interesting model!




This is the kit




...and the contents...




As usual for me, some parts were removed from the sprues, a bit of work done but nothing much really...before doing the same to many other kits after that! 


So that's it for now, thank you for watching!



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Very nice model Shawn! I'm curious to know why you chose an "F"...


Among the things that were done on the kit is the filling of the gap that is created by the wing root fairing. I used Apoxie Sculpt (and a bit of styrene on the right side) for this. Also some thin strips were added to the tub sides to fill the small gaps around. Today I started sanding to shape. Some lost details will be restored later.






The wing radiators were spayed silver and black wash added. More work will be needed in the wheel wells before the wings halves are joined.




Thanks for watching!



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Hi all!

On 7/23/2018 at 2:28 PM, MARU5137 said:

How goes it Sir.:piliot:

 I have been working a lot this summer which is good of course but did not leave me with much time to make progress with the '109. I have cleaned up quite a few parts as this can be done without too much effort. I hope to have more time next week when a big casting order is shipped!

22 hours ago, dmthamade said:

That scheme has always fascinated/intimidated me. Looking forward to see how you apply it.



I have to figure that myself! Careful examination of the aircraft shows that the application is crude. I will try freehand on a piece of card to get the width, density and "style" of the painter.





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Hi all!

I've done a lot of clean-up and all is well but the 2-part fuel tank is really a poor fit and needed a lot of heavy sanding to get a smooth shape.




More important I worked on the wheel wells and had to do a bit of research to find out how much was covered by the fabric lining, and discovered there is a circular reinforcement where it is attached that is not represented in the kit.

Also, I drilled out then carved and filed the 8 openings that are only hinted at in the kit. Makes a big difference!








There is still more detail to add in addition to the fabric linings, before turning to the cockpit area.


Bye for now,





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