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337 Sq (F-16) official anniversary book

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Hello folks. Our new title about the 70th anniversary of the 337 Squadron - Hellenic Air Force is out! 

I am using the words of my friend Simon Jakubowski that presented the book in the Aviation enthusiast club. 

"Fresh from its flight into the U.K. from Greece is the latest title from Eagle Aviation! Now I'll not lie, I'm a big fan of these books from Ioannis and this new one has only reinforced my love for the brand, the two previous titles I've read on 332 and 348sqn respectively where brilliant and now this book on 337sqn the ‘Ghosts of the Aegean' has joined the line up, fitting in wonderfully and following a familiar theme. 337 Squadron was formed initially at the end of the Second World War in 1945 flying Spitfires but wasn't a fully operational and official Squadron till March 48' where it has played an important part in Hellenic Air Force operations through to the present day where it currently operates the F-16 (since 2006). The thing I love most about these books is primarily Ioannis' photography which is how I got to know about this author in the first place but also the graphic style employed within his books that really makes the subject matter ‘pop'! It's a modern and fresh slant compared to a more traditional approach at a squadrons history and admittedly while it's not a comprehensive in depth record of 337's activities given its slender 96 page count, it is (and I believe this is the books purpose) a full colour glossy celebration of the units proud history, and it's this goal which it achieves brilliantly! All aspects of the unit seemed to have been covered from types flown, represented not only in photographs but also full colour graphic plates along with sections on the men and women air/ground crews serving in the HAF with key moments of 337's historic timeline being highlighted along the way. Anyone who's bought a book from Eagle Aviation will be aware of the publishers high standards in print and use of quality materials making these titles a surefire safe buy every time, personally I'm really pleased to add this to the growing collection of Eagle books in my library and seeing those Greek skies really cheers me up on a cloudy British day."


Available at http://scaleindetail.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=304&search=337










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