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Trumpeter 1/32 P-40B Tomahawk

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Finally got this one finished a couple of days ago. Trumpeter 1/32 P-40B Tomahawk of David Lee "Tex" Hill, Squadron Leader, 2nd Squadron, "Panda Bears"---China, Burma 1941-1942. Used the Cutting Edge resin cockpit (kit cockpit is to shallow), Eduard PE IP and EagleCal decals. Probably should have used some AM wheels but went with the kit ones.

Also want to do Tex's P-40E.




Jerry   :piliot: 








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So very nicely done .. cammo looks great.

Any story with the signed print from Tex Hill?

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



Thanks Peter.  I used to attend ModelFiesta in San Antonio all thru the '90s up to about 2006.  Tex lived in

San Antonio and was always at the show signing prints and his book so got his P-40B print along with his P-40E print

and book all signed. 


I was at an air show in Pampa TX way back in the mid '90s.  While checking out the new GHOST calendar at one of the

CAF displays I was aware of someone standing behind me.  One of the images was a P-40E to which the person behind me

said "that's my plane".  I turned and asked "what do you mean your plane?"  He pointed to the name on the side "COL. TEX HILL".

And there I was standing face to face with Tex Hill.  I immediately bought the calendar and he signed his P-40E for me. We

found a table and talked for about an hour.  That was my first encounter with Tex.  I mentioned that encounter to him at one

of the shows and he remembered it.  Heck of a nice guy and his wife was a real sweetheart.



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Guest Clunkmeister

Jerry, a few guys I know met Tex Hill and they say exactly what you do. He was a true Gentleman and great American hero.


Your build is awesome, man, and I'm sure Mr. Hill would definitely approve.

Great job!


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