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Trumpeter 1/72 M2A2 Bradley in German WWII Camo

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Our club sponsors a 'Build the Same Kit' contest every year, which includes aircraft and armor options so thought to try something different I'd take on a small project : the Trumpeter Bradley M2A2 but dressed in WWII Camo scheme.  The kit was very cheap, so why not?


The obligatory box art shot: 



Not a lot of parts to the kit, but a fair amount of interior detail considering the scale and most of it will be covered up:



I have interior shots SOMEWHERE but no clue where they went.  There are a LOT of seats inside one of these things, but unless you put the read door down and open some hatches, not much to see.  I kept the build simple.  All closed up - but take my word for it, the full interior is there!


So after laying own the German dark yellow base, I started on the Camo scheme. The top two are the schemes I tried to emulate on the Bradley.








Lots of details to be picked out after the Vallejo Olive Green is added, antennas to add, muzzle soot, etc.






There are a couple of spiders I need to clean up but this is one of my first attempts with the H&S .2 tip (and this is 1/72 scale!) so overall pretty happy with the results.  Next a clear gloss to aid in washes.  Probably should have painted some of the detail such as the tow cable and jack and even the shovel before applying the camo.  Oh well!



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Guest Peterpools


Nice cammo work and I'm sure 1/72 armor is small, making the AB work a lot harder then meets the eye.

Pretty cool idea

Keep 'em comin


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So learning that I don't know a LOT when it comes to armor.  Like - no clue how to paint the rubber band tank treads.  I have an idea, but for now they are just black.  I also found out I left off five pieces (Ok, two were on the bottom) and had two others in the wrong places.  Its almost like I can't read anymore!!


Here is my M2A2 Bradley painted in more traditional Wermacht German camo pattern.  I'm still thinking about decals and markings - I have a few options in my decal stash - so am trying to decide between modern markings and something more along the lines of a Panther from WWII.  What do you all think?


Added a few 'battle replacement' panels to the front corners (one in German red primer, the other dark yellow) as well as an armor panel to the front underside.







All Vallejo Model Air paints except Tamiya Clear Red and Orange for the lights.  Antennas are scale automotive wire.





Still need to fix that green spider on the side below:




SO a bit more work to do, on that spider, some insignia/markings, straighten the antennas, and work on the treads.  I do like these 1/72 builds as they go pretty quickly, but I probably should have put a coin or something in the picture to provide some scale.  The tread wheels are all two pieces and a bit of a pain to paint, but I read somewhere to make it easier - use a black wash which will flow right up to the rim then just fill in behind the wash.  That actually worked pretty well!


Thanks for looking,


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OK,  So realized that I needed some markings so away I went!! The more knowledgeable of you will recognize 2 or 3 of the markings, but the rest are from the Eduard FW 190 kit, and an Eduard P-39 kit, and god only knows where else.  The Star on the front I saw on some of the WWII Sherman's.  Just seemed like a good thing to add.  The Bradley is a mix of German Wehrmacht camo,  Luftwaffe and USAAF markings, and a couple of contemporary US markings.


I've added a few 'replacement panels to the front in the panzer red primer, and the Dark Yellow as well.  All paints are Vallejo.


Oh, and showing off how little I know about armor, I had one set of tracks on backwards.  Yep. I did dry brush the tracks with some gunmetal, then did the pads with some black. 


Built OOO except for the antennas and the decals. 


Here she is:










That's all folks!



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