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Dave Williams

Photobucket surrenders?

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Well, it was certainly crappy what they did, but it was free up to that point. The picture hi-jacking and the subsequent putting up that stupid speedometer graphic was unforgiveable. Now, they learned their lesson, have a new chief, and freed up all of the old pics, is a great start. However, too little too late. Adios, and bones and nachos to ya PB.  I cancelled my thang with them when this happened, and I ain't about to go back to them varmints.


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Guest Peterpools


Absolutely correct: never, ever will go back


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Q: What if I don’t want to purchase a subscription? Can I have my images back?

A: Yes, you are free to download your images. They belong to you! We believe our new subscription plan is priced fairly and is very competitive to other services. Our new management team is committed to serving .....


I've tried downloading my images since this **** show happened on PB and it won't allow me to do it anymore. Like I said before, my images are being held hostage. :blowup:



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I'd bet they know the vast majority of former users aren't

coming back. They're looking to the future. There's a new

user born every minute (as someone once said).

Their problem is they're gonna have to beat their competition,

especially the free stuff out there.  :whistle:

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So ... let me get this straight ...

PB decides to charge drug money so that it's current 'free' customers can upload photos and share them on the forums.

A bucketload (excuse the pun) of customers leave in outrage - including me.

Some (very few) customers stay and pay the extremely large amounts of money to retain the service they once had for free.

Later ... MUCH later ... PB says"oops" and decides to charge a much smaller fee for the same service they provided for free earlier.

... thereby creating a further set of outraged customers - of those who paid the large amount for the service now being offered for the smaller fee??


As one who has worked in a customer service almost my entire working career ...

It's probably better to partially refund the 'overcharged customers' FIRST - advising them that a newer platform is being released on date 'x' ... and specifying what that is.

All the while ... thanking them for their loyalty and continued patronage ... This move would have created a lot of 'word-of-mouth' positive advertising from friends/fellow forum type members.

THEN release the new platform ... with at least some minor hope of uptake?!?

Also ... they'd want to fix their service ... back when I had my free account the upload rate was terrible and there were constant ad pop-ups bombarding me ... I felt like I was playing 'whack-a-mole'.


Rog :)

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I've been a 'user' since 2003. I never paid more than $29 a year.

When the bomb dropped last year, current paying users retained

their accout unil it expired. Mine expires next October.

I've since moved everything I wanted to keep to Imgur (free) which

has as one of it's 2 upload methods using a URL. I can open an

image in PB, copy the URL and stick in Imgur. I had to do it one

at a time but I had already downloaded the majority of my PB images

back when they were still allowing that.

Come October I'll let PB die on it's own. I think most of the former users

of PB were using it free which is why they don't care about you. ;)


P.S. I have Adaware Adblock and Adblock Plus and I haven't seen an

ad on PB since I can't remember.

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