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I start 30 days of Fasting tonight...Yikes !!

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So from early hours {2.40am } later tonight I start the yearly Ramadhan of Fasting for 30 days.


This means that several hours before sunrise I have to stop eating (NO morsel of food of any kind ... sweets .. cakes... biscuits..tea etc ) and drinking all liquids{yep water included}; and then some 18 and half hours later tomorrow night at a given time I can break MY Fast with food and water.


The Fast days (One day of Fast is known as a Roza.its plural is Rozas)are going to be extremely long and arduous as the weather has been gloriously hot and without water (not so much food) it can be excruciatingly hard!!


I have been doing Ramzan (English version is Ramadhan) since I was almost 6 years old and I think I have mastered the art of Fasting.

Anyway I thought you'd all like to know in case I get cranky and irritating on here- I can blame MY lack of nutrients

and water. MY Body will reach AUTOPHAGY due to lack of nutrients but THIS IS GOOD for ME and MY Body.



If I get a little cranky you know why.

But I know that is NO excuse for bad behavior!! :DodgeBall:

Okay it's 00.12 hrs... so I have 2 and half hour before I commence...


Have a great day..thank you.


Peace be upon you.


MARU 5137.



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Guest Airfixer

I’m wishing you four weeks of blessings, 30 days of clemency and 720 hours of enlightenment.

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Peace and blessings Maru.....Harv and Bev

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