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Jennings Heilig

The slog fest thread where you can talk about anything

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Oh .... I thought you meant us to talk about a SLUG FEST...


you know slugfest (plural slugfests) (baseball, slang) A baseball game in which many runs are scored, especially by home runs. The game turned into a 15-9 slugfest. (boxing, slang) A boxing match or fight marked by a heavy exchange of blows. The championship bout was a slugfest; both fighters were bloodied.


a tough and challenging contest, especially in sports such as boxing and baseball.


"the fight brought back memories of the classic 1976 Lyle-Foreman slugfest"



Is that what you wanted Jennings. To talk about hours of strenuous tennis matches with many long exchanges of "thwaks" between Nadal and Federer...




A SLUG FEST. :DodgeBall:



:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :wicked:

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Posted (edited)

           Gastropods of the world unite, it's time for slugfest 2018!


            It's going to be a wild ride!!!!!!


​Keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times.....

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slog noun (HARD WORK) ​ [ S ] informal a period of difficult or tiring effort: This semester was a long hard slog; I'm glad it's over. That last hill before the finishing line was a long slog!


slog Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

https://dictionary.cambridge.org › slog


<<<<<<< >>>>>>> <<<<<<< >>>>>>>


Recovering from a bout of gout in my right knee. Was laid up most of last week but am now able to do everything except run or kneel. Drink a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice and warm water first thing in the morning, then a banana (eat, not drink).

And it's been so gloriously sunny outside - just need to turn the telly off and do some yard work: SLOG


Might cook a whole eight pollock fish sticks for lunch: FEAST.


So slog feast. Sorry can't do a slog fest, which sounds like too much work.



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A SLOG FEST (:doh: )






(plural slogfests)


(informal) An activity or event characterized by a long duration and an exhausting, wearisome perception by its participants.

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