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Revell Spitfire

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This is my most special build. I built this to help out a little spitz dog that was tossed out a third floor window on the south side of Chicago. The poor dog lay in the snow in the front yard for three days before somebody helped her. She suffered a broken back. She was rescued and taken to a vet for examination. She broke her back in three places and needed a $5000.00 surgery. I offered to build something special to sell on Ebay with all the proceeds going toward her vet bill. I figured it was good for a couple hundred bucks. The auction ended at $880. The gentleman who bought it sent the rescue an additional $1000.00 to help.Rose got her surgery and is living a great life with a new family in Northwest Indiana.




DSC00294_1.jpg20mb image hosting





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Guest Clunkmeister

Beautiful model with a beautiful story.

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Great job on a great airplane! Really appreciate people who open their heart and wallet to help animals in need. I donate a couple times a year to Monkey House in NJ. They care for elderly dogs that have been abandoned or have a terminal illness and make them comfortable in their last months before they go to Rainbow Bridge, 

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