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Russian P-40E with Klimov M-105 engine

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Wow, that would be outstanding, Michael, thank you! 


I actually have been amassing as many resources on that engine as possible, hoping to one day make a 3D printed one in 1/32, but it's beyond my skill level for now. I wish someone could 3D scan one in a museum as a starting point!

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Need some opinions on this one from you guys. In the photo below, which is literally the ONLY photo I have ever seen of an actual Klimov engined P-40, do you think the exhaust pipes join into a single pipe, or do you think it is two pipes with three cylinders exhausting into each? There appears to be some sort of bump, or joint, or gap after the first three cylinders, but I can't tell for sure.

I ask because the Brengun 1/48 conversion, most of the other 1/48 kits available, and most of the artists' renderings of these planes show them as two separate 3-pipe exhaust banks, but I did find one drawing that showed them as one single pipe. I am always hesitant to rely on artists perceptions of things, and I don't think the Brengun set is very accurate, so I'm trying to pin this one down. Thanks,


On 4/12/2018 at 4:06 PM, Guest Martinnfb said:






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As if I weren't already insane for having 15 model projects underway, my creative juices got flowing and I started another one! After much research, I finally hacked up a perfectly good Hasegawa kit and started building the conversion for the P-40E M-105. I assembled part of the nose, and cut it away from the rest of the fuselage. Next I cut out the scoop on the top of the cowl and replaced it with a thick piece of white styrene and re-shaped it.







Next up is the exhaust port revisions and humps, which are actually done, I just don't have access to the photos of them at work. 



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The Special Hobby Yak-3 spinner and prop from Michael arrived yesterday, so I was able to finalize the 3D model of the last piece with the diameter of the spinner. I chose to print that piece because it was actually a very tough piece to build by hand, but Ironically, was extremely simple in the 3D software. And why print one, when you can print 5!! That way I can screw up 4 of them.




After some slight modifications to the spinner to match the reference photo (I made more pointy and drilled the hole), time for a test install on the front piece:




Looks good so far to my eye, so now a test fit altogether. I tried to replicate the angle of the photo:




Nose is looking good, but I immediately noticed that the hump above the exhaust port is way too big!! I also need to cut that little hole just below the exhaust.


So, on to re-shape the humps to a more realistic size.



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