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Academy F-16C South Dakota ANG finished


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Hey folks,

inbetween all the life that happens, I managed to finish two jets...

Here is my Academy F-16C from the 144th FW South Dakota ANG.


There was following aftermarket stuff used in this build:


- Speedhunter graphics decals (so cool these decals, could build me 6 Vipers more...)

- Wolfpack Sniper Pod

- Wolfpack HTS Pod, left hand side

- Wheeliant F-16 resin wheels

- Wofpack resin War HUD

- Master Model metal pitot and AOA probes

- Master Model metal anti static dischargers


Hope you guys like her...















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Guest Airfixer

Fast alles...  :whistle:

Deine Viper macht richtig was her! Wie Lothar aber schon geschrieben hat: großes Tennis!   :bow:


Stunning build. Really love the paintjob and subtle weathering.

Armed to the teeth and ready to dispense a fair load of freedom.




Edited by Airfixer
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