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More book covers sought: Air Research Publications

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Yet another groveling request, folks. Another area of the references section that could certainly benefit from a little help. This section of the references database (Air Research Publications) currently has but 4 books listed, with only one having a cover image, so,… we now need the remaining 3 covers to make this section complete, at least for now.
And these 3 books are:
Intruders over Britain 1940-45
Messerschmitt Bf 109 into the Battle
Sea Eagles: The Messerschmitt Bf 109T - thanks Andre!
As usual, if you have any of these books and could scan the cover(s) and send to K1 or myself for inclusion in the database, we'd certainly appreciate it immensely, and of course if you have others that are not in the database yet, we're certainly not opposed to having that information either.
Public Air Research Publications books are located here.
Please Note: A reminder that we'd prefer not to just snatch web images, but rather use our own scans, if possible, thus avoiding potential rights issues or other unpleasant stuff.
Thanks a bunch for any help you can offer, fellas.

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