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1/32 scale P-51 Mustang hollow exhausts are now available.

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Happy to announce hollow, 3D-printed Merlin engine exhausts, optimized to fit the new-tool Revell P-51D-5 kit, are now available. They can be adapted for other 1/32 scale Merlin-powered Mustang kits. The exhausts are left- and right-handed, feature nut detail, and are printed in "Frosted Extreme Detail" acrylic plastic by Shapeways. They sell for $7.36 USD per pair. 


For the last four years, Model Monkey has been specializing in 3D-printed products for ship and armor modelers. This is the first design for aircraft modelers. There will be more. 

Best wishes and happy modeling! 
- Steve Larsen 

Catalog of over 1600 designs for scale modelers:https://modelmonkey.wixsite.com/modelmonkey

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Gentlemen, I completely understand your concern.


Please be advised "Frosted Detail" plastic is a translucent acrylic.  Being a translucent white material, it photographs very badly.  Because of the white translucency, and that the products are typically very small, photographic images of them look completely washed out, not much more than a milky smudge.  The overall shape and any detail are lost in photographs, effectively misrepresenting their actual appearance.  It has been my experience that the renderings do a better job depicting the features of the product.


I recognize that this is frustrating for most of us.  The renderings you see on the product page are created directly from the 3D design and show the details of the design as the computer sees them.  While renderings certainly are not photographs that would be ideal, they are far better than boxart paintings in depicting the appearance of the actual product.


When I first started offering products 4 years ago, ship modelers had exactly the same very understandable concern: "If I can't see photos of the actual product, how can I be sure I am getting a quality product worth the money being asked for?"  Thankfully, early on, a few ship modelers recognized that the 3D designs were something with potential and decided to take the chance and see for themselves by purchasing something small.  Please be advised that Shapeways has a money-back guarantee, acceptable for any reason.  Since those early days, most sales of products I design now come from return customers who have found the actual products to be more than satisfactory, and worth every penny spent.  Often, customers are sufficiently pleased with the product they have received that they ask me to design more products just for them.  Occasionally, if resources permit, I accept those requests.  


You can see for yourself what some of these ship modelers have to say here:




If you'd like to see what some of my designs look like on a model as it is being built, see:



Notice how the unpainted 3D-printed superstructure does not photograph well.


And some small items, 1/500 scale turrets, painted:



On rare occasion, a bigger product does photograph somewhat well, although details are lost in the photos.  You can see some better photos of one such product in the product's webpage carousel here:



Here is one product that shows up very well under paint:



I am happy to answer any questions you may have and try my best to address any concerns.


Thanks for your consideration!


Best wishes,


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That's a great question, Dave.  In the past, I've been falsely accused of covering up flaws in the product with the primer, effectively showing a "doctored" product.  So, I'll go one better. 


I've offered a modeler who is well known here on LSP a set to independently review himself and post his findings here on LSP, good, bad or indifferent.  It will be shipped to him directly from the Shapeways factory, not from me.  I will never have touched it.  He will receive it in the exact condition you or anyone else would receive it.


Hopefully, if he chooses to post photos, he will post some photos as they arrived unpainted, then under primer or paint where shape and detail will be clear.  He can confirm I did not "doctor" them or hide any flaw.  And if he is uncomfortable with his own photography, he can at least confirm or deny they are a good value and a quality product.


Hope this sounds reasonable.

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Shapeways has the ability to print in a variety of resolutions. The "White Strong Flexible" is that, but often has significant lines from limited resolution. The parts in "Frosted Ultra Detail" have better resolution. This material isn't as strong a plastic, and is rather fragile. However if treated with care, it does look pretty fine. I have cleaned parts in acetone or alcohol, but you need to be careful with those chemicals and this plastic. The parts look nice under primer and paint. They aren't the ultimate "perfect" parts, but make interesting alternatives, subject to the creative capability of the designer and the resolution of the printers.


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I must say I'm not a fan of Shapeways frosted detail, there are far better resolution printers out there that are great for reproduction

But they give you a print for a good price that can be used.

A little trick we use is spray with Mr Surfacer 500 can and before it dries (basically put one tin down and spray the next)a quick flash over with any of the Mr Surfacer 1500 Finishing Surfacer (grey, white or black) I just use the rattle cans




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Review coming by Chris Nicoll.  The product page has been updated to include a photo of the set in 1/32 scale he received and painted (click here).


To achieve the look you see in the photo, Chris reports he gave the exhausts "a good soaking in dish detergent then perhaps a bit of a scrub with a toothbrush then exposure to sunlight to complete the curing process."  He finished it with Vallejo gloss black primer, a coat of gunmetal followed by drybrushing with various shades of brown.  Looks great, Chris!



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I wish when Shapeways show you a picture of the the print and not the screen shot, as I have found when it comes to complex curves all printers have there problems and the frosted finish is no exception.

My experience is to get the finish right it takes a bit of work.




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