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WNW W.12 '1407'

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Hey gang,

time to call this one done!

It was a real joy to build with no hiccups at all, as all of the wnw kits i have had a privilege to build.

The Kamel was finished as '1407' as it was in Norderney in 1918. This aircraft later on had a mishap and was pictured standing on its nose with the floats crumpled. The kit was finished as it would have been before that fatal day on the 5th of July 1918.

In addition to the kit parts, i have added some scratch built details to bring the engine up to par and some details here and there like the addition of handles to the cockpit 'doors'.

HGW textile belts with scratch retaining springs. Aviattic's wonderful naval hex transparent decals were used for all the hex areas, and the fuselage and horizontal stabilizer hex was differentiated by using oil glazes and a different base coat. All markings except the white bands on the tail were painted using custom home made masks using the Silhouette plotter. The Floats were modified to add the crimps that are very evident in most of the reference photos and that was done using sanders, the proxxon and tamiya extra thin to smooth things out. The rope on the float was done using thread i bought from Mworkshop in singapore and painted and weathered using oils. All paints for the wings were MRP, all gloss coats (Matt, semi matt, semi gloss and gloss) were MRP, Tamiya paints for the grays and fuselage details. All weathering done with Abteilung oils and AK pigments along with colored pencils, and a lead pen for some of the chipping. The salt staining on the bottom of the floats was done with salt paste as illustrated in the work in progress thread which i will link at the bottom of the post.

This was my first floatplane build and i thoroughly enjoyed it, and my tenth wnw build to date!

I am taking this to the Moson show on April 21 this month and it will be on the contest tables. I hope it fares well!

Thank you to everyone who followed along for the build and encouraged me in the work in progress thread, you guys always make me strive to improve and push my boundaries!

All ready for inspection photos were taken in the light tent using the Sony RX100 III.

Off to start on another build which will be posted soon in the work in progress section!

You can find the work in progress for '1407' here


Thanks again everyone!

As always, stay safe and happy modeling!



Edit: in my hastes i forgot to mention the eyelets and brass tubing were, as for all my builds, from Bob’s buckles (thanks herr Baron!) and gaspatch turnbuckles on the lower struts!

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A thing of beauty, Karim.

Well done :rolleyes:



Baron VonB

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I shamelessly forgot to mention i used your products as i always do. Was in a rush to publish before i fly out in a couple of hours lol!!


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Drop dead gorgeous.  A super job.  :clap2:  :clap2:  :clap2:  :clap2:  Someone judging a competition last year I was attending said WNW kits should have their own category,

Don't know about that,but they do look stellar when they're in the right hands.and this one was.

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