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Udvar Hazy Me 163 KOMET pictures


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I spend much of today at the Udvar Hazy open house and it was terrific.  I thought I would post some pictures I took in case anyone is modeling a couple of the more unusual subjects.  I've barely touched up these photos so if you are REALLY interested, let me know and I can send you the RAW files, or clean them up a bit.


Here is the link to my ImageShack folder for the Me 163 .









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I really like the fact that it's NOT restored. Much more authentic. The Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum in Everett, WA has a wrecked Zero that you can get very close to, and it's really cool to see it that way!


And yes, the wings were plywood.

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Bill, when did you take your pictures?  There have been a few changes since then.  I think its time for another visit!  Sorry I can't meet you Sunday but hope to catch up with you sometime when you fly through IAD.  



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