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Price Increase

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Hi Guys,

Barer of bad news we have just had to put some of our prices up basically raw materials from resin to rubber and even bloody cardboard boxes, as none of our resins and rubbers are UK produced we have taken a few hits on them over the last few years.

I think we had a price rise about 10 years ago.

So sorry about that, I could name a number of factors but that's life we just have to sort it out.




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Hi Harv,

I try to slap the reps about "do you know who you are dealing with " and " I have been in this business since God was a Lad (not really I had a stint in mining first) " but when we are dealing with "suits" (sorry if we have any LSP guys there) and it buggers me a bit as I like a good fair  and frank discussion I won't bore you with the NCB actual definition of that phrase :hmmm:




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I have seen your products in person when you last attended TELFORD show and I think you ARE THE GOOD GUYS INDEED!

AND who would dare to complain if your last price hike was TEN YEARS AGO.


Needs must on your part with material costing being hiked up.


Thank you.



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Price increase? What's that? In all fairness, as the cost of living goes up and up, no consumer can expect prices to remain the same. We all understand that. I will pay good money for a quality product, rather than less for an inferior product. You have no need to apologize, but big up to you for doing do. Respect.

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