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Halcyon Models Nostromo from Alien


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Hi all, last job before i have a break for a few weeks, this is the Halcyon Models Nostromo, a vinyl kit that has its issue but for the most part was a pretty good project. As with all vinyl kits there is a fair bit of warping so plenty of hot water dips straighten up parts. The lighting is all bespoke apart from the use of an old control card for the engine lighting, this gives it a random flickering effect, not that you will see it from the images. 
I have built the kit to incorporate the strip lights on the belly and the landing lights, in regard to the landing lights these were never part of the production model as the lighting was supplied from an external rig and hidden with smoke that you see in the film. The landing lights are an important part of the model and none are supplied in the kit so it was a must to replicate them though you will have to afford me some artistic license here happy.gif
Light rigs. 
Belly strip lights are quite random. 
The landing gear is also lighted and in the film there is a ring of lights at the top that does this. 
Landing Lights complete, the 5 x main landing lights are on an independent touch dimmer so they can be turned on/off and dimmed as required. 
For the engines i have drilled out all the holes and will fill with the appropriate size optic cable, this will all be illuminated from the LED positioned on the inside behind the optic cables. 
Engines done, these are on a control card that gives a flickering effect and again they are on an independent touch dimmer switch which means they can be turned on or off and dimmed independently of the other lights 
Touch Dimmers and DC Input. 

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Once painted i have weathered a little, trying to gauge this with Sci-Fi is always tough and i took lots of stills from the film but these are quite dark and grainy as you would expect so getting a balanced result was quite tough. For me less is more and you can always add more later but it is far harder to remove it if you go tooo mad:-)




Landing gear and belly lights only.


All lights.





Well that is me for a while, motorcycles to strip and clean for the silly season that will soon be upon us.





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