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MiG-29A "Eagle Talon 97" Trumpeter 1:32


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This time Ex-Czech MiG-29A
In such a camouflage, Poland bought several MiG-29A from the Czech Republic.
MiG-29 looks good in any camouflage and color. (My opinion)

The white belt on the tail 89 was painted on the exercise "Eagle Talon 97"

The model is Trumpeter 1:32, made of course straight from the box with photo-etched parts from Eduard.

At the beginning a few photos of MIG-29 in this camouflage.


MiG-29A No. 89 "Eagle Talon 97"


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Brilliant!!! I have one critique, IMHO the pre-shading is overdone. If you look at the pics of the original, you can hardly see the pane lines. 


Brilliant build though, I wish I can achieve that level some day. 

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