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1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"

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Hi Peter,

This is Popping some of my brain - cells.

Erh, so is the engine going to run on Ethanol or Aviation fuel?


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16 minutes ago, Anthony in NZ said:

Oh my word...….:wub:


Don't suppose you could put a pen or something next to her next time you have her in the photo booth?  She looks so real it's hard to gauge actual size!  Just beautiful!



of course!


here with a pot of Tamiya paint :)



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Wow, Peter, your ability to actually capture the 'feel' of an aeroplane are perfect.  As much as you can have info and plans etc, each type seems to have a 'feel' or 'look' to it.  You have captured it well.


Thanks for the extra photo


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thanks chaps - much appreciate your kind words :)


landing gear then...


..I started with the lower castings as these are probably the hardest part - made a spigot for the wheel, the bent fork and the collar that is at the bottom of the strut from brass on my lathe..




,,these were soldered as they carry all the weight and the main legs turned from brass... the compression strut was a polished steel rod I got on ebay..




..then all the mountings for the torsion links and other bits and bobs were added - the strut assembly was glued with epoxy adhesive, the rest of the bits with CA..




..the torsion links were made upfrom brass tube, an inner litho shape (I wish I had photo-etched earlier) and plastic card for the casting sides..


..the ends were glued while on a quick jig from rod so there are no surprises later...




..using pins to align the torsion links so I can add the mounts to the upper strut - I don't want them fitted until after painting..




..then both struts were prepared for a shot of a silver/white enamel mix... I didn't have the right alclad to hand so I must get some at Telford next weekend :)




..once painted & assembled I added the brake line, but there are two much finer rigid lines that run up the leg and down the fork that I will have to add once the gear is in place as one goes in the wheel hub (I think) and the other up into the U/C bay..






..the 3D printed wheels were cleaned up, painted & dirtied a bit.. (thanks Tim)




..and a dry fit..






...outer doors next...







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