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Barracuda Studios BR32334 Tempest V Nose Correction Set


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Something that I found interesting is that when I originally ordered this set, shortly thereafter another little box appeared.  Apparently the quality of the original casting was not up to par and Roy and Barracuda automatically sent out a replacement, free of charge.  Great customer service, as expected!



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      Would you mind checking for a deformity on the underside of the nose above the rad intake? Not sure how visible it will be with the casting blocks on. I didn't see my problem until I removed the casting block half covering the rad intake.  I've had two of these recently. The original from Hannants this past January and then a replacement from Barracuda with the same problem.


I had a post all done up with images but decided against it.

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Thought about buying one but the differences are so subtle i cant justify the work vs reward.

Now if Roy had done a new nose or lower cowl for the Trumpeter 109 fixing that under done over curved lower nose making it look to pointy I would buy 6.

Nice review and more nice stuff from Barracuda.

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Nice review Ian!


Always nerve wracking when a project you were involved with goes under scrutiny.  Whilst getting the shapes of the nose correct was tricky enough in its own right, the surface detail Roy restored was a testament to his skills.  As for the spinner Thierry mentions......well, worlds apart.


Its the old story I cant see many if any issues with half the 109's out there, but those who know 109's will spot a slight inaccuracy a mile off, like those of us with the Tempest.


Now that CMK exposed engine set  is very tempting, expensive, but tempting. Such a beautiful piece of casting.....

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