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Yak 9 M/T Silver wings 1/32

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Guest DeanKB

I'll buy it, whatever it is.


Their choice of subjects is always spot on & the quality is unsurpassed for a resin kit.

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I know that everything they do is excellent so it will be worth waiting for - maybe  they're worn out!! The one thing that really impressed me was the attention to packing the kit for shipping. I have never come across a company that seems to custom pack everything with pieces of polystyrene, all marked then cut to size - a work of art in itself!!

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    Well here is a plea to SW...You have a gorgeous picture of a Nimrod on your website,front page...From what you have on hand..the Demon..the Hart ..I know you could whip one up  (lol)

I would pre-order one right now.    Sincerely, William.



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