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Jennings Heilig

The whole stash in one photograph...

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Did a complete re-arrange/purge today. Okay, well I purged two kits. But it's a start ;) Clearly I cannot buy any new kits, since the shelves are full and I don't have room for any more shelves!



Start a business! Buying habits are no problem if you sell it off at the same pace.

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This is entirely accumulated since January of 2014. I lost my entire previous stash in a fire in December 2013. It's a sickness...

Yes, it is.

I have had the disease all my life.

The only thing that saved me is when I got rid of all my 1/72 in favor of 1/48. Started over again. Phew.

Then years later I got rid of all my 1/48 in favor of 1/32. That kept me clean for many years since there were so few kits available.

Then Combat Models and ID Models got bought up and revived.  :help:

Now I am up to my nose in 1/32 with more appearing almost daily. 

However, there are some 1/24 that I have found and more are starting to appear.

But I have also jumped back into model railroading, Some G Gauge (1 gauge in Europe) is 1/32 so there is a good crossover. 

Especially with lots ot military railroads in 1/35 scale. But to model railroaders there s no difference between 1/32 and 1/35 scales. Rule: if it looks good three feet away it is in scale. 

Now I am so busy rearranging the house since we moved back in after the rebuilding due to the fire I have no time at all for hobbies. I am almost too busy to even buy much. 


My wife cannot holler at me since she is the same way with her sewing and accumulation of cloth. She also has three very expensive sewing machines.


Ah well, we are only human.


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That's a good stash.. I can see lots I have too, all the Russian stuff, lots of transport aircraft, 135's, Warning Star, C-123, RB-47 (HB 1/144)... 


Glad you've built it back up again since the fire.... do you have a photo of the previous stash? 

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