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Great clip that!  I remember as a kid being awed at him flying that thing through the hanger! I see the clip now, and it looks a bit worse for wear than I remember as a kid, but still great memories.

I think it's the flared nylon "slacks" and safari suits that really date his time as Bond.

Typical 1980's style!


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Guest Peterpools

I've been in love with the BD-5J since Jim removed the pusher prop. I'll surely be building a lot more then one.

And now there is the Microjet taking the BD-5J to a new level




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Many years ago I had a Byron 1/4 scale (I think) ducted fan R/C kit of the BD-5J, I think I bought it 3rd hand in about 1990. once I realised that my bag of talent was way too small to build it, let alone fly it, I sold it on.


I often wonder if it ever got built and off the ground, or is it still being stored waiting to find the right person to build and fly it successfully.

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