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Fillet Tail and Metal Elevators for 1/32 Revell P-51 Mustang

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Hi Guys


After being just a regular Large Scale Planes for the past 3 1/2 years I am back now as a trader, and as you can see the trading name is Aerocraft Models.

I wanted a name to be aircraft related and the also thought of the word 'craft', so hence Aerocraft arose and the domain names were available in .co.uk and .com.

As a brief update I have been doing master patterns for various people, aircraft related and some model bus projects for a few companies that do HO scale model buses.

Over the last little while the bug got to me again to do a few things that I never got around to do, and still have plans and lots of research material for.

In the interim I have decided to do a few small projects just to get the ball rolling.

The first is some improved intake ramps and details for the Airfix 1/72 Phantom. I made these mainly because the lack of detail frustrated me and although I have not completed one as yet I intend to possibly build as many as 12 Phantoms, and I certainly could not modify parts for so many builds, roll on the FGR.2 release.

Next up will be a small but handy item or two for another recent Airfix release 1/48 scale, I will confirm what that is in the next few days, as I need to do a trial casting or two before I announce that.

There will be some 1/32 scale items following along as well, these three scales will be the three that I will be working in.

My main aim in the next few months will be a few more complex conversions and I hope to have at least one full resin kit with other media parts out this year.

One big difference this time I will only be doing this in my spare time, as I have full time employment so this will most certainly be secondary in priority, although I still hope to offer good service to my customers.


LINK to new website, note this is fairly basic for now but it should do the job.



I dropped Kevin an email the other day and this is the area that he guided me to post within, thanks for your help Kevin



Another little set that I have been playing with, although the discussion has been quite controversial and I take all and both sides of the argument, and I know Radu well and admire his research and talent, I still think that there could be some folk interested. I know that there is another set already out on the market, but this is just my preferred method, I am still thinking of proceeding with it.

The fact is that these few parts do not fully make a late model 'D' Mustang, there are changes also required to the cockpit and a few other small items as well as some discussion about a slightly different canopy.

I have taken a lot of the points on and for my sake I am not too fussed personally about the cockpit changes (instrumentation variation mainly) and I have studied the canopy carefully, mainly against the three canopies offered in the Tamiya kit. To be honest I think that the Revell canopy and that in the Tamiya kit that is offered to cater for the later 'D' Mustangs is very close, and are almost 100% interchangeable. 

So before I finalise a few minor tweaks on the pattern and make production moulds I would like to get a an idea if you guys would be interested at all.

Prices are estimated as follows 4 parts of resin new tail parts and new elevators £7.50, shipping in UK £2.50, shipping elsewhere in the world £4.50.


NOTE as can bee seen these are an exact replica of the kit parts, so are thin shells, and the kit tail wheel assembly fits as per the kit was designed.


AND YES I KNOW Revell will release an updated kit at some time so this is not a set for the long term future, but does my needs until then.


cheers Ali


Here are some links to pictures not able to get them to paste into post as yet.











cheers Ali

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Thanks for asking, but I am not interested in AM parts to turn the 'Early D' into a 'Late D'.  I think there may be people here are are interested, but I'd rather concentrate on things like a clearer canopy and windscreen, perhaps hollow exhausts (although I've not really looked at the kit parts yet) and maybe bits to improve the plumbing for the drop tanks or maybe add that 'ferry pack' or whatever it was called behind the pilots' seat?


How about something we don't see a lot of: battle damage parts?  Tail or elevator damage perhaps?


I'm sure I'll be in the minority here - but good luck!



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I have a batch of Tamiya and Z-M Mustangs sitting unopened, plus a few Revell kits. At this stage I would not be needing any conversions for the Revell kit as I am more than happy to wait for them to get around to it. A Seafire III conversion though........

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No, not needed, there is already a set, and an imminent release by Revell for the later version. 


There are other things you can do that are needed. How about a F4U-4 conversion set for the Tamiya F4U-1D Corsair? Or maybe a Martlet conversion for the Trumpeter Wildcat?  

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I have managed to add some links to the post for the pictures, still trying to figure out how best to get the pictures into the post.


HOWEVER I see from the poll on here that the basic answer is NO to the set, which is great and I thank you for at least making your opinions known.


However I already do have one mould made and will make the set available to whoever does want a set, I may as well get something back on my time, even though it was done for myself mainly.


I may well look at some of the other ideas, and will investigate the possibilities for a new canopy, that will not have as much distortion to it, no promises though, and at best will be about a month to see the results that can be achieved.



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I've just had a look at your Flickr album, Ali, and have been able to grab one of the 'share' links to paste here:

25806979347_f5a88caa46_c.jpgIMG_0145 by Alistair McLean, on Flickr

When you view the image, click on the little 'share' icon (a curved arrow) just below and to the right of the image. It offers several options, and in my case, it defaulted to 'bbCode'. Simply copy the link displayed there, and paste it here.





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Hi Guys


I have gone ahead with making some of these, it is up to each individual if you would like them or not. I had quite a few requests via various sources so I went ahead.

I do have another part or two in the pipeline, and so far I have favourable results but until I know I can get them to be cast 100% perfectly I am holding back on those, BUT I know most if not all of you will like what is potentially coming.


here is a direct link to the product http://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/p-51-mustang-late-style-tail-revell


cheers Ali

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