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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jeff,Barry Williams et al..

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very good friend Jeff.


Have a lovely,super Birthday with your family and friends... and ENJOY your 60th .... :wicked:


:beer4: :beer: :yahoo: :punk:


 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you razorblade , BarryWilliams ,MrPRRose &



Have a joyous BIRTHDAY .


May each one of you have many more.


:punk: :beer: :beer4:

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My birthday was great......first off I made it another year, BUT I did have to go back to work for a few days and it was one of the days... kinda sucked a little, but it was my own fault, I said I would... so NO complaints here, although I DID learn that when I go to the USA, I am now considered a 'senior' in some circles ( I like to refer to it as I'm now a 'junior-senior'?? ) and that will entitle me to a few discounts, like at the GOLDEN CORRAL Buffet !!!!!!!!!  I always KNEW there was an upside of getting older !!!! LOL!!  Thanks for the kind thoughts everyone, and happy birthday to all of us who share the same day, it's great to be alive among friends...

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