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Videoaviation - Orpheus Recce Pod & AN/AL40

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I had this long-unrealized project on the drawer, since italeri has announced soon a version of its 1/32 F-104 in recce box, i decided to put on sale anyway this resin version of the Orpheus Pod in the two known versions, one for Dutch F-104G and later F-16A and second for Italian AF Starfighter of 3° Stormo based at Villafranca AB near Verona. Together also the 1/32 AN/AL40 chaff&flares dispenser for Marineflieger F-104G, it can also be used for Italian Starfighter in the operation “Ace Guard†(Desert Storm) based on Erhac AB Turkey from 6-1-1991 to 10-3-91 together with the Orpheus pod.







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