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The doors on the bottom fuselage fit real good as they are oob:






And i made them even better after some rubbing and sanding. The doors for the landing gear are not glued of course :) :






And a little up on the wings. All control surfaces are with trimmed profiles and are glued to the wings. This is how the real inboard flaperons`profiles look like:




And here are the outboard flaperons (they all are with nearly the same thickness) - one as it is OOB, and one after the trimming to fit the already thinned wing's trailing edge:






It may be little, but there is some difference. And finally i will have to try to make their entire surfaces a little more flat, but at a later stage. MEanwhile - another important upgrade - the mid to outboard flaperon cunjunction - that small triangular shape on the wingside. It has a bevelled conjunction with the mid flaperon:




So, the wingside - done; the flaperon side - still oob:




And after:





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The wings are prepped, with the filling/sanding and PE in the edges. Only some panel lines are left to be filled, but perhaps later. So, from both sides:






Check out the edges. Lovely.






Then i started filling the panel lines on the fuselage halves... just more glue with a little bit of plastic shavings and putty. 




The intake nacelles fitted flawlessly btw. And, here are the intakes themselves - painted by pouring home interior paint in, while the compressor faces are with metalizer, then black, and drybrushed. The glare inside the intake is from a thick lacquer coat. ;)










And the echaust decks are prepped as well. I had to slightly enlarge the openings to fit seamlessly. So far so good. And i testfitted - they fit perfectly to the fuselage.



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Posted (edited)

Nice......................REALLY Nice!!!!! Body prep and finish used to be one of my most hated things in modeling but I've grown to not only appreciate it more but to enjoy it as well. Good show! 

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Some mighty fine work and as Brian said, all the little details will pay off big dividends in the end. After all these years, I still have zero luck with the pour methond for intakes and always resort to air brushing the gloss white which is a major job

Keep ‘m comin


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10x guys a lot!

Peter, yes, that's slightly messy and unpleasant - the pouring in the intakes thing, but I kinda discovered the key. It's just important to prep the intakes relatively well - with the filling of the seamlines, then the sanding. The intakes have to be as much perfect as they could. Pouring the paint in, is simply for more evenly painted surfaces in an easier manner. Of course the thick paint fills the little imperfections, but only like scratches from the sanding. It does not act as a filler to fill the seamplines. After a complete dry, the seamlines appear through the paint again. I discovered that one too. :) But if the intakes are prepped justly - the pouring method only facilitates the painting. 

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Posted (edited)

Intakes - the seamlines are filled and sanded as much as i could, but they are not perfect. Lots of curves tiny places and the sharp edges are on top... it was a hastle. Then i painted them almot black. Btw check out the boundary air intakes - i tried to "open" them and at least that way they will accept the wash easier.






Then glued the intake ducts:










And basically this part of the plane is done with the painting. The exhaust decks are mounted too, still not painted:





Edited by F`s are my favs

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