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Not another ROG P-51D Mustang? Lets call her done!

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You guys are going to get sick of these Mustangs! But I could not resist, right on the heels of finishing my Hobbycraft Mk.1, I got into the Revel Kit.


Decals I am using..."Flying Dutchman"

Step 1...Throw away Revell box and put all the sprues in a Hasegawa box leftover from my Ki84 build.

So far I have just cut all the cockpit parts off the sprues, de-burred and cleaned them up, primered, and sprayed on XF5. I still have to go and spray some lightened up XF5 for highlights.

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lol!  That made me laugh. I dont really know of a single person who likes the side opening Revell boxes. What a PITA! 


I just picked up the recent re-release of their older P-51B, and it has a conventional lid-and-bottom-tray box, and the decal/paint scheme option for a "Blue-Nose'r". ;)

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I am still on the look out for a reusable plastic box with a lid that can be stacked, big enough to hold most kits while they are being worked and waiting. 


Try the container aisle at your local Wal-Mart, and/or:




10 5/8" @ $ 13.57 each

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It's nice to see another Revell Mustang being built rather than just disappearing into the stash, and like most people I am not fond of the end opening Revell boxes, I just cut out the picture on the box top and tape up the ends, or as you are doing use a box from a completed kit.





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