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Revell F4F Wildcat

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At the end of last year I had a hankering to build something 'big'.  Big being relative as I mainly build 1/48 or less frequently 1/72..


I had a troll though the stash and hit upon the old Revell F4F-4 Wildcat.. It was the 'Smithsonian' boxing and I got it for not much $$ and it came with some Microscale Decals..



I built it OOB added not much in the way of extra detail corrected not much and had a lot of fun...




Here it is in all of it's glory...










The hardest part ( apart form suppression of AMS) was not loosing detail / panel line on the spine and belly when sorting the seams.. Impossible to do with raised panel lines and detail.. In the end I added in panels over the sorted seams from foil tape to reinstate the panel effect on the fuselage...





Im sure not up to usual LSP standards but fun..






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I have this kit. Several times I've looked through it with the intention of selling it - but each time I hang on to it as it just looks like it'd build up nicely.


I think yours shows that this is true. I don't think raised detail is a liability on this airframe as from what I've seen it is pretty lumpy in real life.. :)


Nice build.



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