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Hawsegawa 1/32 P-51D "Butch Baby"

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Hasegawa apparently found this one to make it easy on those of us who were buying the kit and the supplies at our local Hobby Lobby craft stores.


 When I built it, this information was not available:


"Lt. Julian H Bertram flew his P-51D Mustang ‘Butch Baby' (G4-V, 44-14798), in the classic colors of the 362nd Fighter Squadron / 357th Fighter Group. His aircraft carried the name ‘Butch Baby' on both sides of the fuselage (which was unusual) and it was painted using RAF dark green and medium sea grey, as these were the colors that most closely matched USAAF olive drab and neutral gray.":




However, at the time, the above photo and quoted article were not available, so I simply went by the kit instructions, which I believe helped me get both the upper color area coverage and actual shade of green (RAF Dark Green was being not made by Testors at the time) somewhat "off".


Nevertheless, the kit was a very nice build, and I would not hesitate to buy another one if it showed up like this one did!


If I were to build that kit now, with the stuff we have available now...well I do have a "checker nose" Revell P-51B in my stash. :evil_laugh:

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Wow that's brush painted? Looks great!


Fantastic job! :)


Yes, I did very little spray/airbrush painting when Testors Model Master paints came out because they were made to be brushed right from the bottle.


In a case like this, I would brush on a flat enamel for the lighter underside, let it dry, then brush on a flat acrylic for the darker upper surfaces. Their MM paint went on in a single coat and leveled nicely, and with my steady hand, I needed hardly any masking tape.


Testors paints were formulated to avoid any sort of "clash" between their enamels, acrylics, and lacquers.


This one I hand-brushed as well:



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