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Kitty Hawk Open 1/32 Poll.

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Jaguar for me all the way! Would be the first large scale noisy pointy thing I've bought for years!


Ah! The Jaguar! The only jet that has the distinction of making me jump out of my skin. RAF Mildenhall arrivals day, sometime around 1989. I had my back to it's arrival and didn't see it coming....sounded just like this (turn the volume up!)....




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Something accurate. In scale and length. Nothing you need to cut and plug a short fuselage yourself. All the best here seriously for you jet jockeys. Jets are for kids.

Carry on. (Humor for all you uptight peeps).

Sorry but nice Mr Kittyhawk isn't going to make any props soon for Troy to wind up with his little rubber bands.

(Just humour)


When Kittyhawk does make another rubber powered whisk I'm hoping it'll be something supercool like a Grumman Duck.



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My 1/32 wish list to KH, that means I'll buy one,  at least one of these models,  in any order of their release, that's why they all are in pole position ;-)


P1  => Dassault Mirage F1C

P1 => Pilatus PC6 Turbo Porter

P1 => DHC2 Beaver

P1 => M.H 1521 Broussard



P1 => French Jag A


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P1 : Mirage F-1 B/C/C-200/CR/CT/CZ/AZ Family ;

P2 : Northrop F-5A/B/C/D & T-38 Family ;

P3 : Sepecat Bae Jaguar GR.1/T.2/A/E Family ;

P4 : Saab JAS-39 C/D Gripen Family ;

P5 : F-84F / RF-84F Thunderstreak Family ;


Sounds like alotta hot air to me ...




get it ? jets ... hot air ?



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Sounds like alotta hot air to me ... get it ? jets ... hot air ?


Sadly, all too true so far, but like others I remain optimistic about the...







Glen or KH have made no mention of Vampires. Love the twin seat DeHavilland T.11 (the single seaters are so fugly); would jump through small hoops for a Saab J.35 Draken; and there's loads of other smallish European jets that fit in the KH ethos: Gripen, MiG-21PF, Super Mystère etc.


Deuce? Voodoo? Six? Big, big big jet interceptors. We should be so lucky. That was early Trumpeter territory but the whining continued about the early Thud kits long after the J75s shut down. Can't see anybody doing them in 1/32 except long after my use by date.



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