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Dead domed city

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Hi all, I was getting bogged down by the Starfury build and needed something I could bash out in a short time. They were redoing the CCTV camera's at work and one of the guys gave me a few of the clear acrylic domes they were tossing out. One of them had a hole in it and I got inspired.... all those old sci- fi book covers of futuristic domed cities...




I did a google search or two and soon had a folder of great images...




The idea of a domed city... but one that was dead !.... a big hole in the dome from war or a meteorite .... I toyed with the idea of the second pic but had an old memory of a book where the city had been on a poison planet... looked like Eden but everything was poison including the atmosphere.... I was off to the races ! I'll be snagging a few bits from these kits...




but almost everything will be scratch built. Follow along if you like and see what madness I get into... :mental:




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The dome base was 7 inches but I knew it had to be cut down a bit.. so a disc was cut out of .060...6 inches in diameter. Once I'd drawn a few lines I got busy.... no scale to this.. just using up bits of plastic I'd otherwise toss out. I had no idea what or how to build a small city, but buildings are just shapes.. so I started gluing bits on..




I added a nose cone from a rocket as the center building and then test fitted the dome... looks sort of ok...




More bits added... the odd kit part but mostly just made from scrap bits..



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Starting to look good ! I was chuffed at how it was looking ...




Raised up an inch and the dome placed over it.. looks good..




But I needed a base for this.. a box made from .060... 9 in. square X 1 in. high..






Placing the partly completed city and dome in place...I think this is gonna work !!




So there we are. Tune in next week and we'll see what silliness I get up to with this ! :evil_laugh:

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Cool idea!  Looking good.  I think I would have to paint all of the buildings before I added them.  And don't forget to add McDonald's:  The mark of any civilized city.   ok...J/K



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Neato idea and brilliant execution Vaughn.



Though I do hope you detail the below ground as I'm sure the rest of us hardworking but deformed Mole-men from Sector J73 level 243B would like our living conditions preserved for future generation. :)



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what a wicked idea! I love it and will be watching with interest

I'd love to see more of those super highways to go around the city- that looks really cool

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