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I have no information regarding which position had the higher mortality rate, it just seems to my mind, that the ball turret doesn't appear to lend itself to a rapid exit!


I'm with you on that one Tony!....read somewhere yesterday that "some" gunners used to carry a pistol for a quick exit from their life rather than be trapped in the ball hurtling down to earth!.


As I build this turret I can see that the gunner is totally surrounded by equipment and there really isn't an inch to spare....and as for a fast exit?....

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Hi there chaps


Been a while since I last posted due to the fact that Spring is here and every year I have to fix house problems tend to the garden etc etc also add to the mix that this turret build is pretty complicated! :unsure:


I am also experiencing problems with these posts as the photos keep disappearing..( Photobucket springs to mind!)...since Photobucket went silly I have been using.... Postimage....I haven't had any problems until just recently.I found out that they had been hacked....but I was told of a solution which works...some times!I am going to replace all the photos of this build one more time and hope that this time they stay here....but I'm not sure if they will...if they don't then this whole Radio room blog is just a waste of time!....I will try again......is anybody else having this problem?


Any way on with this post............


I have a method in scratch building this turret now and that is to build it in layers!...from the top of the ammo cans to the next piece of equipment and then the next layer would be another part of the system to the next part and so forth. ....because of the amount of stuff that's packed into the ball its the only way I seem to be able to do it!

So here is the next layer! ;) .....


As you can see all the white parts are the detail that I have added since my last post.......










This shot is looking in through the gunners hatch.........






So with a bit of paint added here is what it looks like so far........
















So now I have to put another layer of detail on....probably the last bit hopefully!...then I can get on with the Radio room!


Thanks for looking in





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Great work, Martin!


As for Postimage, I believe they had their original domain suspended (postimage.org), and had to institute a new one (postimage.cc). So all image links to the old domain no longer work, but can be resurrected simply by replacing "org" with "cc" in the link text.



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Amazing work Fozzy, looking forward to your next update. Considering how vulnerable a position it appears to be, statistically, the ball was the safest place to be in a B17!

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Hi everyone


Just when you thought that it was impossible to cram any more equipment into the turret Mr Sperry thought it was best to install the K4 gun sight!....and it isn't a small piece of equipment either!...it sat just above the gunners rib cage!1f632.png


I made the gun sight by shaping a small piece of balsa wood and then covering it with some plastic card....then all the bits and bobs were simply glued on!


Here it is before being painted......




....and here are some different angles of the K 4 gun sight before being placed into the turret.....










So here are some photos of the gun sight squeezed into the turret.......poor gunner!








Looking through the gunners hatch.......






Here is a shot through the front glass on the ball turret showing the (blue) sight glass.......








Its a slow old process but I think I am getting there!


Next up is....yep you guessed it .....more equipment!!


Till then thanks for taking a look...always appreciated1f609.png



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Good afternoon chaps


May I just say before I start on this post.......


Has anyone else noticed that some of the photos are coming back on the posts from Photobucket?...really odd as there was no warning....all the photos from some of my old posts from other models I have made years ago are returning!...please let me know if you are experiencing the same thing....not complaining but don't trust the beggers and I won't be returning to them! :fight:


Any how..onto the old ball turret!


I have added yet another layer of equipment that is found in the turret!....this time its the control pack for the gunner to move the turret from left to right and up and down and also the firing buttons for the 50 cals!

The control box was difficult as I really didn't have many photos of different angles of it , so some of it was guess work I am afraid!....twice I got the scale wrong because of lack of photos but got there in the end and I think it looks reasonably accurate!

I also built a chain gear box for the movement of the ball which I will show you first.......


Here it is completely made from plastic scrap......




....and here is the difficult to build control unit!.......








The next set of photos show the two parts built placed in their position in the turret..........








So here we have the parts painted ...................
















Now.....your be pleased to know that were on the last push for finishing the internal construction...I know I will be!!!....just a box and cable here and there and then it will be the time to try and fit the top of the turret on and to start building the external detail.


I will be back with the last bit of detail soon.....till then...thanks a lot for looking in guys :)



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