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Who was 1st LT Raferty

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I am building a model of Col Robin Olds' F-4C, SCAT XXVII, AF40-829. On this aircraft the names of his WO and Crew Chief are listed as 1 LT Laferty and SSG Jarman. In my research I cannot find 1 LT Laferty anywhere, but I do find info for 1 LT Daniel L. Lafferty (with two “f's) who was at Ubon at the same time as Robin. My question is, does anyone know who 1 LT Laferty (with one “fâ€) was and did he fly back seat for any of Robin's MiG kills or was his name on the aircraft from a prior crew assignment? On the 8th TFW web site ( http://www.8tfw.org)the listing of MiG Kills shows 1 LT Lafferty (with two “f'sâ€) as having flown with Maj Combies on May 20, 1967, but no entries for 1 LT Laferty!

Could the ground crew have mis-spelled his name, or is he not found anywhere on the Internet because he did not exist? And, if it was a spelling error, why is 1 LT Lafferty not listed as the back seat for any of Robin's killls?

Any information of this person will be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.

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I think it may have been a spelling error..


I wonder if this will help.check out items 14 and 19... but Robin Olds is listed in there a lot.lots of Info.



When link opens..CLICK ON PAGE 92 to read the information.(to enlarge the font, use the plus sign on top of page for a better clearer read).




https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=JJoeDAAAQBAJ&pg=PA90&lpg=PA90&dq=was+there+a+Lt.LAFFERTY+IN+THE+USAF+WITH+THIS+SPELLING+OF+HIS+NAME&source=bl&ots=iS_FJl8yXD&sig=Hsjqab64PmGQ9JiADUdur4Ljrf0&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiN0qrF9J7ZAhULBMAKHSFYCJUQ6AEwBXoECAkQAQ#v=onepage&q=was there a Lt.LAFFERTY IN THE USAF WITH THIS SPELLING OF HIS NAME&f=false

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In the link I posted.. if you read and look closely to item number 14 which talks about Robin OLDS.... THERE IS 1Lt.W.D.LAFEVER who was with him..


I THINK THAT IS YOUR MAN you are looking for that was with Robin OLDS...


And NOT LAFFERTY.... his details ARE on item numbered 19 and he went with MajorP.P.COMBIES.


OLDS had various Other First lieutenants etc if you manage to read all those numbered items..OLDS got around a bit.


So "Laferty" is probably LAFEVER you are searching for but 1Lt D.L.LAFFERTY exists also.

HAPPY modeling.



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Thanks, there is so much info out there and most of it syncs fairly well with Olds' autobiography. I am attempting to close one more possible lead with someone who was there at the same time as Col Olds. I am hopeful that it will yield the truth in this piece of history.


Happy modeling to you as well!

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