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A-6E Intruder VA-35 AA-501


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Thanks everybody, really appreciate all the nice comments!


WoW!! I love the weathering man! An Absolutely stunner. What techniques did you use?



All the painting can be seen in the WiP thread. After paint I applied a gloss coat, decals and then a dark grey pin wash to highlight some surface detail and a more brownish wash around the engines. After that a matte coat followed by weathering with different shades of oils. And then I applied some more corrision control painting with the airbrush. Basically it is all about looking at reference and thinking about how to replicate the weathering with all the available techniques.



Very nice
i love your weathering and corrosion control paint.
Struggling myself with a corsair i know how hard it is to do it right. If mine comes half as good as yours, i'll be happy

if i just may add one small personnal feeling, these trumpeter bombs don't do justice to your splendid work.
for the rest Woaw !!


Yes, I think the same way about the bombs, but after I was working on the kit for a really long time I just wanted to get it done.



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