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OA-10A Catalina US Air Force 1/48

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Sorry to be kind of a bearer of bad news the Work Platforms were stored in the aircraft. they were three sections each. they hung off the wing and engine nacelles. the one going across hanges from the other two

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Thank you Brian :)


Yes Vandy, I know that and you are absolutely right, but in my case the mobile platforms will not work, as you can see

there are no covers around the engine. So I must use the ground-crew stationary working platforms :)

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And the second main gear bay is ready:



And one advice my friends - DO NOT BUY the EDUARD BRASS wheels kit AM, because:

1. The front wheel is too small, here are the plastic and resin wheels comparison:





And when the resin wheel is mount at the gear you will need of some sort of wheel-spacers, because it is obviously that it's tooo small:




But with the plastic wheel from the kit - that's more like it :)




And also the main gear wheels are with small diameter than the plastic ones:




At that case : here I've got the problem with the resin wheels, at SU-25 K project - problems with resin avionics and cockpit - why resin AM is smaller than the masters - is it some sort of technology mistakes or cheap resin I still do not know . . .


Cheers friends :)

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Speaking of resin parts that are too small, could you do me a little favor and measure the diameter of the Vector engine you built? I have a feeling that my Quickboost engines are WAY too small... I would really appreciate it!


Greets, Jonas

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Thank you mustang1989 :)

Your car projects also inspire me to begin my second Alfa Romeo 155 Tamya 1/24 kit :punk:


Hi Jonas, no problem my friend, so:

1-diameter of Vector engine is 25 mm

2-diameter of kit engine is 23 mm, I do not know what is the diameter of Quickboost engines, but if they are smaller than plastic ones do not use them.

I think that vector engine is too large, and it can't be covered with kit plastic necklаce, but for uncovered mount it is perfect.

Here is the comparison between plastic and resin engine:



And contiue with cockpit detailing:










Cheers my friends :)

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