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OA-10A Catalina US Air Force 1/48

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Thank you Carl :) I'm still waiting for the rest of AM ;)


Hi Gigant, well for the numbers I've got a decals from the kit and it's a brand new - from 2014 ;)

For the rest - masking, painting with yellow paint, weathering, etc.


For the second question - at first I thought like you, that this is a frozen condensation, BUT if you look very carefully the belly numbers - the big once, the right float at the wing and right engine flaps you will see the missing paint and I thing this is an ordinary chipping paint, and

the picture was taken just before re-newing and repainting the real birdy.

Never know for sure :)

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Hmm... is that Sticking Plaster material being used as a seat cover? Now why the hell didn't I think of that? Have a need for fabric covers for a build - your idea may have given me the solution. Many thanks for the inspiration.


Love the Catalina (particularly this 48th kit version) in all its incarnations, and would highly recommend getting Mike Belcher's (Belcher Bits) tail conversion. I've used them on a couple of Catalina builds over the years. The latest revision is the best yet, as it has hollowed halves.





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Hi Kev :) for the fabric seat cover I use the first-aid medical tape or something like this:



with proper texture for the scale :)


Well the engine work continue, this AM engine is like the separate model itself, more parts that the plane :)










Cheers friends :)

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Wow! Great build and what a striking scheme! I've never seen this usaf Catalina before.

Looks indeed great with the blue and yellow worn paintwork! I'm sure when finished, this model will turn manny heads...


I love what you did with the extra detailing on the landing gear and fuselage!

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Looks great! I have the same kit lying around and want to tackle it next, so I'm taking notes here! :speak_cool:  Mine's going to be a WW II patrol boat though, because I really don't like the look of the big radome on top of the cockpit, I think it somewhat spoils the lines of the plane... Are you going to put the landing gear and the swimmers in the down position? I'm still not sure which way to go with mine...


Greets, Jonas

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Thanks mustang1989 and Ohm-men :) I'm glad you like it so far.


Well Ohm-men, I'm not really sure for the worn paint, maybe it is, but maybe it's a frozen condensation . . . still do not know,

because this is the only photo of that Catalina with that reg-number:)


Hi Jonas :) you must order the great after-market parts and start to build this beautiful bird :)

I must agree with you for the big radome, but "the watch-tower" at the nose also brakes the lines.

I will build mine with gears and pontons down, because there are so many details whitch can be seen, and

as we know - the Devil is in the details ;)


Cheers my friends

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I already have the Big Ed set for it and had ordered some Quickboost engines, but for some reason the store can't provide them... Will see where to get those! In the meantime, I am looking forward to yout build! :)

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