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Waldron Punch and Dies

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Wow guys thanks,


As for plastruc in hex shape, I'd heard about that but none of the shops I rang firstly had a clue what I was talking about, and when they eventually did...said they never stocked it. One guy was very nice and said his Armour-head mate used a stretched piece 'hairclip' which was the correct shape...I've already rang my mates hairdressing wife to track their existence/lack thereof down.


Cheers Matt



I make my own hex nuts by filing a piece of rounded kit sprue to the correct hex section, then heat stretch it over a candle flame. You may need to have a few goes to get it right (different types of sprue appear to have differing strech properties under heat), but once sliced into individual nuts, they look quite convincing (and you'll also have a good supply of variable sizes nuts). The same technique also works for making aerofoil shaped struts (rounded micro-strip or files plastic stretched).





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I've seen hex-stripes only once yet. Strangely enough, that shop has a full offer on Plastruct stripes and profiles but exept for a couple of water surface sheets no plates or sheets at all...

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Hi chaps


Thats quite a good idea Derek. I hadn't thought of doing it that way. I can see it requiring quite a deal of skill, a vise and no beer to avoid screwing the pooch with the last sanding.


I had a look at the Plastruct website and they indeed stock hex shaped extruded plastic KOTR

http://www.plastruct.com/Pages/OnlineCatalog.lasso I'm thinking of having a really good ferret around in that site and seeing what they have. I have access to the basics over here but nothing amazing.


I've noticed the replies where, despite the outlay cost of these kits, most who have them are swearing by them...almost regarding them as indespensable. Thanks Tim. I guess...and here's my justification :) ...if I do get them then the extra time I spend scratchbuilding at a lower model/week rate will defray the cost of buying adiditonal kits. convincing? Nah :D I think in the end I feel like I'm being more creative scratching a few things but boy does it add time to any kit. Besides I have a friend who is big time into armour ( his stash is a disgrace...:lol: ...think armour section in your model shop!...anyway Im sure he might like a few details bits...as well as you other guys.)


cheers Matt

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