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Airfix 1:72 Lightning F6

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Hi all,


Been away from the bench for a long time as a result of moving house and it's associated tasks and generally losing motivation with modelling.


Recently got some mojo back and decided to pick this out of the stash.


I also had some aftermarket parts to use with it.




The Barracuda cockpit is a big improvement over the kit parts, although the aperture is pretty small.






Once painted up, it does look the part.




I had numerous issues with the fit of parts. The fuselage sides fitted particularly poorly and getting a half decent fit involved a lot of muttering, swearing and clamps.


Fast forward a few steps and I'm finishing off the painting process. I've used Mr Hobby acrylics for the main colours, mottled and shaded for a bit of interest. I've also used the kit supplied decals which settled into the recessed details beautifully with a bit of Mr Mark Softer.






Finally, I'm working on getting her on her own feet at the moment. I've used replacement wheels, again from Barracuda. They look great with a wash to highlight the detail.




Thanks for looking.



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Thanks for the positive comments - much appreciated!


I've finally managed to get her on her own feet this morning. I'm still not sure the undercarriage legs will stand the test of time though.


I'll be glad to get this one off the bench!



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