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1/32 Trumpeter Me 262A-1a "Yellow 3"

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Thanks guys!  It's good to be working on the 262 again!


I applied some Mr Surfacer 1000 to some seam imperfections on the engine nacelles so I turned to the other outer components to start the camo painting process while the putty cured.  The base black was broken up using Tamiya Neutral Grey.


RLM 76 Light Blue was sprayed on the appropriate parts.  Halfway through painting the undersides of the horizontal stabilizers, I sprayed the main panel lines with a dark grey to simulate the putty along the seams.

Here are the parts after the RLM76.


The uppers were similarly treated but with RLM83 Dark Green.  The areas around the panel lines are lighter to represent the putty underneath.  When I get to the fuselage, I may buff away some of the green along the panel lines using Micromesh to get more of a wear effect.


The horizontal stabilizers were given some base weathering including a panel wash, some post-shading and a small bit of chipping.  The stain on the upper side of the starboard stabilizer is from decal solution but has since been removed.


The control surfaces after painting...


The main landing gear covers...


The nose landing gear doors...


The errant seams were sanded and re-painted in gloss black.


That's all for now!

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Thank you so much for checking in with this build!  Comments are greatly appreciated!


Due to limited time over the weekend, I've held off on starting the main painting.  Instead, I occupied myself by painting the Barracuda resin wheels.  Much effort was made to make the tread grooves darker than the tread surfaces.



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Thanks for the comments everyone!


7 hours ago, Vincent/MDC said:



Your work is beautiful but one remark : if there was putty applied, there would be no panel line visible. Putty was also applied on rivets by the way


But your painting is really impressive




Thank you Vincent!  You bring up a very good point and it was something that I thought about but decided against representing.  Two primary reasons.  Firstly, it's hard to make a model without surface detail look realistic.  I'm sure there are ways but they are beyond me.  Secondly... I know it was the intention of the Luftwaffe to eliminate the surface imperfections on the 262 using putty but I'm doubtful as to how successful they were.  And since Yellow 3 was a well used aircraft, I am thinking that a model with visible rivets and panel lines may not be entirely inaccurate.

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