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1/32 Trumpeter Me 262A-1a "Yellow 3"

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Hello John


I am so glad that you are back on your work bench, so god the lord have listen to me hehehehe. I am 42 years a modeler already, and of course i got some breaks in my hobby, i think thats normal, because other things are more important, cars, girls, wine, drugs and rock and roll, but any time our feeling for modelling come back.


I hope you stay in this great hobby longer, coz i like your way of painting and weathering so much, same as Ralph Riese.



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John - You're a very inspiring builder and I'm glad to see your work again. I found myself anxiously waiting for your return. 

Keep up your good work and enjoy it, I know I will.


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Thank you all for the positive comments!  I appreciate all of the support and hope to get this build on track now that my modeling mojo has returned.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!


I pulled out the 262 build the other day and had a look to remind myself where I was at.  The fuselage is all buttoned up as are the wings with the engine nacelles attached.  The landing gear legs have been painted.  I noticed that that the oleo for the nose gear had lost its shine.  I had elected to use the metal nose leg that Trumpeter had supplied.  I didn't know how to address the eventual tarnishing of the metal so I decided to use the kit plastic nose gear, of which Trumpeter supplies two.



I first cut off the oleo scissors.  There is a considerable amount of weight in the nose to prevent tail-sitting so I wanted to reinforce the nose gear with a long brass tube shaft. 



Using the completed nose gear as a guide, I re-did the brake line attachments. The brake line can be threaded on later so I'll remove it so that I can paint the nose gear.



One of the things that was holding me up on this build was the addition of the small control rods in the wheel bay.  The instructions from the Aires resin set is vague at best so I kept ignoring the placement of those rods.  I hunkered down and got them in finally.




I guess I'm ready to attach the wings to the fuselage.  The fit is not the best here so I'll have to be careful to ensure that I have a good cement bond all the way around.  Here is a test fit showing the view into the wheel wells.




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Thanks so much for the comments guys.  I really appreciate it!  The wings have been attached to the fuselage.  A big step for me on this build as it signals the end of the work that I had to do in those darn wheel wells. 



As the glue sets, I did a little detail work... replacing the kit antennae with brass tubing, stretched sprue and a piece from a Coke can for the loop antenna.









The wing join isn't very good.  Lots of little gaps and steps everywhere you look.  I elected to fill the majority of gaps with pieces of stretched sprue.  Softened with Tamiya Extra Thin, the sprue was pressed into the gaps to help create some more strength for what will undoubtedly be lots of filling and sanding work and then the following restoration of lost detail.








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    I've been missing your mojo too!  Glad to see you back at it!  Those wheel wells look spectacular. 


As a guy who uses foil, I worry a lot about oxidation.   I've found that Future seems to prevent or slow the process.



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