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1/35 Miniart FL 282 V-6 Kolibri

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With the Malta Spit done its time for a new project. being like most of us on here deciding what to build next is as hard as the actual build!


Anyway, I toyed with a new spit (haven't got all the bits yet) a bomber for Iron Rain GB (cant decide which one) a 109 nightfighter (cos you cant have enough 109's) and a Fw190 in a uber cool scheme I found online.


But then this turned up on Thursday and that's sorted! Shouldn't be too long a build and I can aquire even more am for the others.




Great box art, nice plastic and looking well detailed.








So snips and glue out and we're away














Couple of hours work

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Couple more bench hours last night.


Building the pilots 'framework'. As before so many parts but to be fair they all fit together well.






And finished off the top rotor section with the first PE of the build. 6 pieces that took a lot of breath holding and tiny drops of CA but we got there in the end. Plus it does look good when done.





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great start.mine is on the way but i have a question.i built the miniart Caterpillar tractor and found the fine levers and control rods very brittle.how is the plastic in this kit.


Its very nice. Haven't had an issues as yet. The sprue gates are very fine which helps a lot cleaning the thin parts.

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