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Helldiver ... in the work


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First project in 2018 finished  jan. 7th, restoring old VEB Plasticart 1:100 IL-18 AEROFLOT airliner,  pure plastic nostalgic project.




more pics at BRITMODELLER ,




and proceed with HPH Helldiver, which is not plastic, nor nostalgic, but is impressive kit with perfect cast parts, ok, maybe a little overenginered in some areas,  will see how parts fit , in next weeks.









Took me two weeks to remove all the parts from casting blocks and prepare parts for building.






So far, so good, not a lot broken parts , no any badly cast parts, and  now could go to build with less  sanding and cleaning.

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Twin Cyclone , done,




Cockpit initial assembly,






Wings + UC bays,




And after some heavy treatment to remove wing spars slot "rails" which should allow easy assembly and actually prevent good fit




upper wing cores superglued,




Flaps, just started... etched fret is huuuge, A4 sized, i'm scared  with number of tinny bits which should superglue to made large open  "barndoors" flaps. Will take me few days just to assemble flaps parts.




Fuselage halves with some work and etched parts glued,






So far, great and fun kit to work, but with such amount of small parts provided,  its time consumpting ( and loosing some nerves too).

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Lovely work!  Out of curiosity, do all the wing panel/seam lines line up as they should? 

Well, i know why you ask, your avatar say's it all , and must to confirm, port wing panel lines fits perfectly , while starboard one, misses to join perfectly for a less than milimetter.  Both wings i align by the aileron and wing slats points, and panel lines meets with acceptable accuracy on the leading edges.


Hope the photo is sharp and contrasted enough to show panel lines .




Being resin kit producer by myself, i understand  the problems with this inaccuracy but knowing that the RTV rubber molds  and later casted resin parts could be  distorted and shrunk while curing , that's the "story" of Resin kits production , even you have perfectly matched master pattern parts , you have no guarantee that series made parts will be identical.

In small scales, this could be neglibigle  but in large scales, with massive casted parts , the misalignment could be significant.


Thanx for the other comments too, will do some more pics this weekend,



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This is looking great, and fast, the Helldiver in 1/32 would be one that I would love to build but not in resin, if SH ever fetched one out I would build it, until then I'll make do with watching your build.





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